Safely Discarding Equipment

Safely Discarding Equipment

Our disposal service enables you to discard old IT equipment rapidly and legally. We ensure complete compliance with current and future technology disposal regulations.

We also help you maximise your financial return on discarded equipment.

If you have any issues with your ProCare service, view here for help.

So What’s Included?

Available to all UK and Ireland organisations, the service can be delivered as an ad hoc project or within a wider corporate strategy.

  • Management, secure data eradication & environmental disposal
  • Professional indemnity insurance on data eradication
  • Highest-standard asset-by-asset analysis & reporting
  • Full audit traceability for all items processed electronically

For redundant assets management, further services are available as ready-made disposal options:

  • E-Cycle Gold
  • E-Cycle Silver
  • E-Cycle Bronze
  • Secure Compliance
  • Data Guard E-Waste Master

Waste of Electric and Electrical Equipment

European business legislation is increasingly complex. Pressure to comply with corporate governance directives, data copyright law and severe penalties for software piracy are challenging organisations of all sizes and types.
The EC Waste of Electric and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) directive will create still more legal requirements. Disposal regulations could greatly increase business costs. To comply with WEEE, companies must recycle at least 65% of obsolete IT equipment. Another 10% must be recovered.
ISC can refurbish, remarket and dispose of your old computers.

We’ll help you fully comply with all new EC laws while gaining the best possible return on equipment at the end of its lifecycle.

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