Expert cloud strategies for every business

Expert cloud strategies for every business

Allow your business to grow with cloud solutions that will result in costs being cut in the IT sector of your company. Below are the most advanced choices of cloud support.

Cloud support with Office 365

Office 365 is able to reduce costs within your business as it is one of the most cost effective strategies when a business needs to run on up-to-date software.

For all of your Office 365 requirements, we recommend Cloudworks. Cloudworks are Office 365 specialists for Birmingham and they offer cost-effective solutions for your business.


Work from any location

As Office is a cloud based software, it means you can work from any location. Skype for business is also provided, it offers a free and constant communication service between fellow employees, customers and partners.

Upload documents, edit files, read emails and even store your appointments with Office 365.

OneDrive for all businesses

Allow your business to perform outside of the walls of your office with OneDrive.

Microsoft OneDrive allows business owners and employees to access files from any location and any device. It is a simple way of storing, syncing and sharing files with your colleagues.

Save time and use OneDrive

You can access Microsoft’s OneDrive through a web browser, apps for windows phones, Xbox, Mac, iOS and even android, meaning your business team can have an easy time accessing documents. Click here.

OneDrive helps to promote a time saving and collaborative approach to businesses as there you no longer have to send documents between users in order to edit them individually. Users have access to one TB of online storage.

Enterprise Mobility Suite


Enterprise combines a number of services into one subscription fee, the package includes:

  • Identity management
  • Mobile application management
  • Data protection
  • Advanced threat detection

The Enterprise Mobility Suite means IT departments can compose settings from numerous platforms all on one service.

Again, this system promotes a time saving strategy as changes are made to each file, rather than having to change it manually on different foundations. These changes will be made throughout the entire company.

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